Município de Montemor-o-Velho

Specialized Consultancy

Specialized consulting project, involving audit activities, specification, creation of new architectures, and implementation of new technologies

Specialized Support

(Strengthening IT Team / Implementing Solutions / Developing specifications)

Project Management

(Procurement Procedures / Interface with technology suppliers)


(Validation of projects execution / Vendor audit)

A new project was designed from scratch that would provide Município de Montemor-o-Velho with the technical capabilities to respond to the challenges of everyday life.


A path was drawn up in accordance with the conclusions of the audit, which involved the creation of several processes for the acquisition, implementation of services and changes to the technical model of the institution

1 - Define a strategy

Creation of a medium / long-term technological plan according to the institution’s objectives

3 - Cost Evaluation

Cost evaluation and design of technical specifications for procurement procedures

5 - Execution

Execution of the project using the implementation of specialized systems and adaptation technology

2 - Technology Project

Creation of a technological project, with chosen technologies, and focusing on the objectives and needs of the municipality

4 - Planning

Design of a timely prioritized planning to ensure the correct implementation and start-up of all the systems


All this work was possible due to a rigorous audit through several layers, in order to better understand the state of the infrastructure and to design procedures and architectures that allow for a constant and sustainable growth.

LAYER 1 - Physical

Analysis of physical technologies, cabling, data centers


Adaptation of addresses, routing protocols, L3 topology

LAYER 2 - Local network

Analysis of Layer 2 protocols, topology, scalability, redundancy

LAYER 7 - Services

Analysis of Servers and Services from the application and procedural point of view in the workflow of the organization